In order to further ensure product quality, we have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and 3C certification, and continue efforts to improve the quality management system. On product quality and customer service, we solemnly promise to the community and users as follows:

1, strict implementation of national standards related to the product (or meet the specific requirements of users) or more product qualification rate of 98%.
2, the product warranty for two years, during the warranty period, the product of "Three Guarantees" (for repair, replacement or return) outside the warranty period for the product continue to provide technical services.
3, Zhejiang Xin company aims: the customer first, quality, service.
The Company has established user profiles and user feedback systems, sales throughout the marketing network for both users and contact tracing, consult the quality of user opinions and quality issues will be addressed in a timely 100 percent response. If necessary, send someone to the scene to solve, until the user satisfaction.
4, in order to relieve you of worries, the company's products by the China People's Insurance Company of product quality liability insurance coverage.
5. In order to ensure that the user needs, the contract will be required by the Company to ensure the quality, quantity, timely delivery schedule. No consent of the user late delivery process as the company liquidated.